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Born and raised in Napa, CA, I love and appreciate the beauty that Napa and the surrounding areas have to offer. But despite being born and raised here, I still continue to drive around the valley scoping out the best locations for my clients. I take my job as your photographer very seriously.... so as part of my rates, my services include this extra time I take to ensure your location is the best one for you and your family. 


To tell you a little about myself... I am from a large family! The last of seven actually. And I can't tell you how much my family pictures over the years mean to me, since my only brother passed away when he was 22 and I lost my Dad just four years later. Sometimes we simply don't know how important pictures will mean to us, until life happens, and pictures are all we have left of our loved ones. Giving the gift of family photos for your children, is a timeless keepsake that they will cherish for years to come and appreciate the opportunity to share their wonderful memories with their children. That's simply something I wish more people didn't underestimate. 


Having this life experience myself... Preserving your memories as beautifully as possible and getting the opportunity to tell your stories is something I feel so honored to do. I love my job! And love showing people the difference between family members snapping a photo of them and the overall pieces of art I am able to give my clients in the end. 


My love for photography started in High School at Justin Siena when I won the photography award my senior year... And after having 10 nieces and nephews, starting a business called NorCal Country where I got to take photos at country concerts all throughout Northern California... my photography business grew on its own thankfully! And I've been doing my best ever since to perfect my craft and have attended a newborn photography workshop from Kelley Ryden in Omaha, Nebraska with the goal to learn from one of the best in the industry when I decided I wanted to specialize in newborn and family photography. Since then, I've attended online newborn retreats once a year and am constantly learning to become the best I can be for my clients. It's been an ongoing investment, but something I consider necessary and a privilege to learn from the best all over the world. 


Photography is about freezing time, preserving loving little details that may otherwise go unnoticed in the day-to-day. A gentle embrace, small fingers naturally seeking comfort with mom... We freeze these beautiful little details in time so they can be savored. A moment that may initially seem mundane, when captured at the right instant, with the right artistic composition and processing becomes a star. 


Thank you for considering me in your search for a photographer! And I hope I get the chance to capture your sweet memories for you <3