It's that time again! And I'm already booked up for the most part... which means, the best way for me to squeeze in as many families as possible without turning people away this upcoming Christmas card season, is to do (Micro) Mini Sessions! It'll be a win-win for us all! 

FALL 2017 (Micro)Mini Session Sign-up!




October 7th (Sat) -- SOLD OUT!

October 15th (Sun) SOLD OUT!

October 28th (Sat) SOLD OUT!

November 4th (Sat) SOLD OUT!

November 5th (Sun) SOLD OUT!

November 12th (Sun) SOLD OUT!

November 19th (Sat) SOLD OUT!

SESSION TIME: 15 minutes


WHAT DO YOU GET IN THE END? An online gallery two days after your session for you to choose your five favorite images. I'll then perfect those images for you... AND edit them four times in my four different styles: no filter, b&w, matte filter, & b&w matte for you to choose from & download to use freely for Christmas cards or anything else! The turnaround time depends on how long it takes for you to select your favorites. Once those are selected, it'll be another 3-5 days for you to receive your final images. 


I mayyyy have miscalculated how many people I sent the email to and how many slots I had left :/

I am officially sold out... the only other dates I may open will be in early December. If you're interested in those, please email me asap.


FULL Payment is due upon booking.

 Thank you!