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Thank you

December 05, 2017
~ THANK YOU ~ First of all, I just want to thank you all for your continuous support over the years & making 2017 a year to remember! I've counted up the number of sessi...
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Napa News Article about 'Baby Central'

March 24, 2017
BABY CENTRAL NAPA REGISTER ARTICLE 4D Ultrasound of Napa Valley & Aileen Savage Photography, coming together to give Moms a one stop shop for pictures of their little on...
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The Best of Both Worlds!

March 20, 2017
The Best of Both Worlds! Studio & Lifestyle Newborn Shoot Package Although it's not listed in my pricing guide, I have made the exception for clients and offered to g...
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Tips for Contra Costa County Maternity Sessions

March 02, 2017
Taking Better Maternity Photos, Tips for Contra Costa County Maternity Sessions I love taking maternity photos. There is excitement in bringing new life into the world. A...
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Sonoma County Lifestyle Photography

February 28, 2017
Sonoma County Lifestyle Photography Sonoma County is rich in scenery that is perfect for your lifestyle photography session. This is only one of the reasons that I have d...
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