Taking Better Newborn Photos | Solano County Newborn Photographer Aileen Savage

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Taking Better Newborn Photos | Solano County Newborn Photographer Aileen Savage


I love my career as a newborn photographer, Napa Valley and the surrounding area offers me so many opportunities and settings to photograph. I love catching those adorable moments with a sleeping baby and capturing the rapid emotions and expressions as they wake up. Moms and dads often comment that they can never capture those expressions the same way that photographer can. I thought I'd offer a few tips for capturing those precious newborn pictures.


Safety First

The most important factor is that the baby is always safe. Don't try to scrunch him in if he doesn't fit in the basket. Never leave her unattended where she could fall or roll off. You'd be surprised how many newborns can roll over! Keep the baby safe at all times.


Take Lots Of Pictures

One way to guarantee that you get a good photo is to take lots of pictures. You'll discard a lot, but there will be some good ones in the batch. The more you take, the more you will learn about composition and light, what works and what doesn't.


Keep The Baby Comfortable

Your newborn is sensitive to heat and cold. If you want pictures with a lot of skin exposed, turn up the thermostat temporarily. A comfortable setting may be enough to encourage a look of contentment, maybe even a smile.


Pay Attention To The Setting


Do you notice all those newborn pictures with the baby cuddled in a textured blanket or shawl? The texture of the background is a nice contrast to the baby's smooth skin. Play with textures and different settings. Most Newborn photos are taken at home, but consider photographing baby’s first outing and other family adventures.  As a newborn photographer, Fairfield CA offers me so many different opportunities to take pictures outdoors. Enjoy the adventure.


Vacaville Family Photographer

I am expanding my Napa Valley Family Photography practice to include sessions as a Vacaville family photographer and Cordelia newborn photographer. I would love the chance to photograph your little one.


Benicia Family Photography

I will be covering all of Solano County, CA. So if you need a Vallejo family and newborn photographer or a Dixon newborn photographer, please give me a call. I am available for newborn photography, Davis and Benicia family photography and maternity shoots. 

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