Tips for Contra Costa County Maternity Sessions

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Taking Better Maternity Photos , Tips for Contra Costa County Maternity Sessions

I love taking maternity photos. There is excitement in bringing new life into the world. As a family photographer with years of experience in this area, I thought I would share a few tips to help you take better candid maternity shots.


Composing a Good Maternity Photo

In a maternity shot, it seems to be all about the belly. But in reality you need to look at the entire shot. Make sure the face is in focus and has a friendly, happy expression. Also do a quick look around the background for unexpected clutter. Check the balance and composition before you snap the picture. To get a really good photo, take many; but try to compose each one well before you take the shot.


Capture Emotion

One good way to capture the emotions of the pregnancy is to talk about it. Ask about plans and expectations for the new baby. Soon, all the love and excitement will animate mom’s face. My job, and yours, is to capture it.


Dressing For Success

Don't hide the bump! Clothes that cling give a good silouette. Long, flowing dresses can also work, just have mom face into the wind or mold the dress to her body with her hands. If the weather is cold indoor photos may be best, since even a light coat can hide the baby bump.


Choose a Good Location

When choosing your location think about the amenities as well as the scenery. Mom will probably need a restroom nearby and you may want to change outfits for a little variety. Long hikes and distant locations are not usually the best for maternity shoots.


A Good Location for A Concord Maternity Session

The Markham Nature Park and Arboretum offers natural scene for a Concord Maternity Session and is dog friendly, so you can have the family pets join you, if you'd like.


Martinez Maternity Photography

The city of Martinez has a number of parks and historic locations that make excellent locations for your Martinez Maternity Photography shoots. Choose your favorite or try a few if you have the time. Just choose a location where mom can be comfortable.


Antioch Maternity Photo Locations

Antioch is blessed with the picture perfect banks of the San Joaquin River as well as numerous natural settings that are perfect for Antioch maternity photo locations.


Brentwood Maternity Photography

Brentwood also has numerous outdoor spaces and parks to choose from. Or you can skip the parks entirely and take your Brentwood Maternity Photography shots at one of the many area farms. Pose against a cherry tree, or holding a basket of ripe fruit. Just be sure to get the farmers permission first!


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Great tips! I love shooting maternity photography and these will be really helpful.
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