Get tips on what to wear and expect in your session to maximize your time with Aileen. Get ready to have fun! Yes even the guys will enjoy having their photos taken!


My approach to photography is "less is more". While I love to incorporate props that help tell a story about who you are, my main focus is to capture YOU, your child's personality, and most importantly, your family's LOVE for each other.

Once we have scheduled our session, we will have a phone or e-mail consultation to discuss our time together and what the interests of you and your family are . We will figure out the style and location that will best suit your session.



Family Portraits

(60 minutes)

PARENTS are involved in my shoots and are sometimes asked to join in on the goofiness because what child can resist laughing at their parents goofiness! 1 hour sessions allows time for kids to get warmed up to the camera and let them explore ... maybe bring bubbles for them to blow ... an activity of some sort to get good candid shots ... but these full sessions are really great for large families or for people who just don't want to feel rushed! But be aware that you might not need to use the whole 60 minutes for a session to get all your shots and that we just schedule for that length of time to allow for any extra moment of laughter and that extra special glance when you least expect it...... this is also a session that's great for large family sessions that include cousins, aunts and uncles, and Grandma & Grandpa! 


Family or Children Portrait Mini-Sessions

(30 minutes) 

Same as above... except this session is tailored for toddlers and Dads who have short attention spans and simply refuse to smile for more than 30 minutes... it makes a session quick and painless and you'd be surprised with the great shots I can get in this short period of a time! I try to avoid melt-downs and make sure that everyone, especially the kids, have a great time and enjoy having their pictures taken... so this is an option I highly recommend for children younger than 5 years. **This length of a session is also one that can be used just for your kids instead of the whole family


Maternity Sessions

(30 or 60 Minutes)

Maternity Mini-Sessions for 30 minutes are available for a more affordable price obviously and are absolutely great for having a quick session to get what you want... but again, if you want a more relaxed session that allows more time for more creativity and is also partially a family session with older siblings as well.... then 60 minutes could be worth the extra investment. Either way, I want clients to go on my pinterest boards to find out which style they desire for their maternity photos and find specific photos they love and to share them with me for me to get an idea of the look you want to go for! I have pinterest boards to get you started, but you can look anywhere for your photos. This is about you, your belly....& your family! 


Newborn Session

(2-3 hours)

Book the session before the baby arrives! Please allow approximately 2 hours for the session. I have parents warm the house up more than usual prior to the session because little ones get cold very fast, so what is hot for us is perfect for them. I also always encourage to get mom and dad in the pictures (more lifestyle images). They are only tiny for a small time so you will appreciate being in the pictures when you look back at them. I recommend getting newborn shots between 4-10 days old. Again, I want you to look at the pictures you love on pinterest and share them with me prior to your session to get a good idea of the poses and style YOU want! 


Cake Smash Session

(1-1.5 hours)

I am normally anti-props, but these sessions are adorable... let's be honest! We will first get you booked and then plan all the details following that. Location will be outside though unlike some cake smash sessions you may have seen online since I do not have a studio. We will plan for a combination of the best natural lighting and time of day that your little one is the day of, we will take the time to setup the staged area... take pictures of the cake before it's destroyed and pictures of your child before they get messy as well! Cake and decorations are not included in the session fee and it is up to you to order, buy, and bring... along with the decorations. But we can consult on those details and I can help you as much as I can when it comes to deciding on your color scheme and other props/chairs to be included! And I check in with you to make sure all those details are ready to go before hand. This is a much more custom session than my others, which takes extra time and planning... so I will have to charge accordingly. 


Engagement Session

(60 minutes)

I feel as if this is sort of my specialty... I know that these type of sessions can get clients nervous to be all lovey-dovey in front of the camera, but I'd like to think so far that I have a way of getting clients to feel relaxed and help give them ideas for posing during the session, but make it so that everything comes off as natural as possible. I always have clients go on pinterest to find engagement photos they love and share them with me prior to a session.... then on the day of, we essentially try to copy each pose the best that we can and of course I snap in between and get candid shots as well that are sweet, tender, and capture your love and personalities without you knowing :) All of my clients have been very pleased with their engagement photos and are always surprised with the selection they eventually have to choose from when deciding which photo to use for an announcement! I often am asked after a session if I do weddings.... because they loved how I made them feel and look in front of the camera that they want me to do take pictures at their wedding, which I unfortunately have to tell them that I DON'T do weddings :( but certainly have photographers I can recommend that do with a similar style as mine. It's the greatest compliment though when they ask and I hope to offer a wonderful experience for all of my clients in the future like that as well.

This is a special time in your life that you want to remember..... and I'd like to think I am someone you can trust to do the job. 


Senior Portraits

(90 minutes)

Unlimited outfit changes, 1-2 locations for a variety! These sessions are all about you and we will collaborate on how to make the session unique to represent who you are! Would love for you to show me pictures from Pinterest or wherever to give me an idea of the look you want to go for and we will have a fun time doing our best to replicate those images and more! And I will spend extra time on certain images of yours that you love to really perfect and make sure they are outstanding pictures that you are proud of for years to come. 


Event Photography

(1 to 4 hours)

Do you have an special event that you want me to capture for you? Engagement or anniversary party? I don't do weddings, but I am happy to do this for you as long as it is NOT that far in advance.... Yep, you heard me. I actually would prefer that your event is not months in advance because that is where weddings get tricky for me to commit to and I would prefer that not be the case. About 3-4 months prior is fine for booking and I am happy to discuss your event and whether I am the right person for you or not. I love event photography, but not all events are for me and my style. So be aware that I just might have to say no.... but am willing to discuss the details and see if we I am a good fit for your needs!


Food Photography Session(s)

(1-3 hours)

Own a restaurant and want to showcase some of your dishes or all of your dishes for marketing? I have experience with natural light food photography and am happy to see what I can do for you! A session like this can actually take a lot of planning and can be tricky to prepare and make sure that everything is ready to go for photo shoots, so I will see what I can do for you and if our schedules align! I sure hope I can... I love food and I love photography! Would love for my pictures to help you improve your business! My family owns Suppertime, a local restaurant here in Napa and any time I take a picture of one of their specials and post it on my page.... they sell out of it that night! So you can say that their increase in business that night are a direct result of my pictures... which makes me (& them) happy :)


Business Photography Session

(Session times vary greatly depending on your needs)

Need new pictures of your business on your website or for your social media pages?? I would love to help! But this type of session can take a lot of planning and preparing for... so time and charges can vary. Let's chat and see what I can do for you!


Sports Photography Session

(30-45 minutes)

I have 10 nieces and nephews and my sisters have grown to rely on me to go out to their sports games and capture them in action. Parents for some reason rarely prioritize taking pictures of their kids at games, even though they would like to be able to remember these times later on and so would the kids since sports are such an important part of the children's lives and the parents have invested a lot into them. Why not hire me for a half hour to come out to your child's games and capture them in action? Just make sure the time I'm there, that your kid will be playing then... the best that you can. I would be more than happy to do this for you if my schedule allows for it and weekend rates apply though. 

Another option is to have your child simply dress up in their sports gear and pose for some shots! Like THIS~ This allows for us to plan for the best lighting and  for your child to maybe be more dolled up for the pictures and give us the freedom to get all angles and have fun. At games, I won't have the freedom to go on the field and get a head-on shot... this is a session that my clients in the past have really enjoyed and were ecstatic with the end-product! And I had a blast as well... It's a great option for a portrait session with your child to remember them and their love of sports which allows more freedom for their personalities to shine through. 


Head Shots

(15-20 minutes)

A quick and easy session to get the shots you need to update your social networking or linked-in accounts. I will edit and add your photos to a gallery for you to download a week after your session! It's quick, it's easy... just come dressed and ready to smile!


Head Shots for the Whole Office??

(1-2 hours)

It's like picture day for professionals! Does everyone at your office use new head shots? This is a great way to get your head shots done and get a group rate, making it more affordable and efficient for everyone. We would plan a day that is best for everyone in the office and then have everyone scheduled for 15 minute time-slots. I charge either the office or person in charge first the retainer fee to book me and reserve your session, and then the balance is due the day of. It is up to the office to decide how to charge everyone individually depending on the number of people.

Galleries on my website will be setup either for the whole office or for each individual and I will get emails from everyone to send them their gallery access codes when they're ready and the pictures will be made available for download a week after the session. 

Each office will have their different needs... so I can't quote you accurately until you tell me what your needs are. E-mail me to get the planning process started.


Concert Photography

I love music... and so this has always been a passion of mine and is what got me started with doing photography professionally. I have taken pictures of country artists across Northern California and have been granted press passes by each artist's marketing teams, along with given the okay by each venue when I was taking pictures for my website NorCal Country. I've taken pictures of Glen Campbell (twice), Merle Haggard, Blake Shelton, Lady Antebellum, Dierks Bentley, Darius Rucker, Thompson Square, Alan Jackson, Craig Campbell, Pam Tillis, Travis Tritt, Tracy Lawrence, Frankie Ballard, Brett Eldredge, Mark Chesnut, and the list goes on and on... I've also been given the opportunity to take pictures of PBR which is a hard one too be allowed to do since they have strict policies. I got to take these pictures at venues like the Sleep Train Arena, Stockton Arena, Bob Hope Theatre, Uptown Theatre, Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, San Jose Civic Center, Dixon May Fair, and other large country music festival events that required approval from top event execs or local radio stations. I got to work with other local concert photographers and worked very well with them, which is rare... sometimes they are cut-throat to get the perfect shots and I just simply believed in being courteous and shared the areas with them around the stage in order to build my working relationships with them. So I've always had a pleasurable experience at shows and have an audience on my NorCal Country page who loved all my pictures thankfully.... although that website of mine has come to an end, I would be more than happy to continue doing concert photography for an artist or venue. I am familiar with the concert photography rules and always abide by them. 


Custom Session 

​Have an idea for a session that you want?? Don't hesitate to ask! I am happy to listen to your needs and see what I can do for you! 



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**Each session is $50 less when booked on a weekday**